Bernina + Angeli Custodi

Enduro - Freerride

  • Time

    6h - 8h

  • Difficulty

    technique S2-S3, fitness condition 2

  • Elevation

    400 m (climb)

    2800 m (descent)

  • Included

    3 shuttle
  • Tips

    knee protection
  • price

    95 €


This is the “MUST” freeride day, 3 downhill rides for a total of 3000 m descent, all in one day! We start with the first shuttle that takes us to the Forcola Pass, where we ride the “historical trail” which ends up in a fast mule-track taking us to “Angeli Custodi”.

Here, the shuttle will be waiting to take us to the Bernina Pass where we begin the second downhill of the day, the longest and most technical, finishing in a natural breathtaking “toboga”! We return to the Forcola Pass once more by shuttle and, after a quick beer at “La Foresteria”, the last downhill ride takes us back into Livigno.





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Bike Livigno organizes all kind of mountain bike tours in the amazing area of Livigno, Alta Rezia and Engadina.

  • Thanks to the following Photographers:
  • Giacomo Meneghello
  • Roby Trabucchi
  • Bartek Wolinski
  • Eze Urrets
  • Stefano Locatelli
  • Fabio Borga

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