The Crew

Marco Bresciani

59 years old, born in Brescia

bikelivigno director and snowboard instructor

Adam Quadroni

36 years old, born in Chiavenna

Mountain bike guide 12 months a year

“I started as a youngster with cross-country races, winning the Junior Italian Championships with the Bianchi Team in 2001 and taking part in many World Cup races and World Championships (12th in 2001). Once in the U23 category, I remained in the Italian National Team, with the Scott Team. The last few years now I’ve enjoyed taking part in enduro races, grabbing some good results and having fun! As a mountain bike guide, I like sharing my experience with people of all levels that I accompany on the excursions, while showing them the beautiful places and surroundings of the Livigno area and Lake Como, and at the same time teaching them some technical tricks!

During Winter time, I do fat-bike guided tours and give snowbike lessons”.

Nicola Giacomelli

30 years old, born in Livigno

Mountain bike guide and ski instructur

“As a youngster I had my first experience in mountain biking racing in competitions, while gaining some good results. It’s a few years now that I’m a ski-teacher during Winter time, and mountain bike guide in the Summer. My aim is to provide enjoyment for bikers of all levels that I accompany, giving them the possibility of discovering our wonderful trails!”

Mauro Cardamone

40 years old, born in Lamezia

Mountain bike guide and snowboard instructor

In Livigno for 20 years, right from the beginning he had a passion for mountain biking. Snowboard instructor and also manager of the Madness School, since 2010 he is a guide and mountain bike instructor specialized in accompany on our e-bike all-mountain and enduro tours. 

Denny Schillirò

40 years old, born in Saronno

Mountain bike guide and snowboard instructor

"Born and raised near Milan, my passion for teaching mountain biking and in particular downhill, led me to move to Livigno where in summer I work as a mtb guide and in winter a snowboard instructor" 

Manuel Maraschin

30 years old, born in Cremona

Mountain bike guide and gymnastics school teacher

"From Cremona, bike guide since 2016 and part of the BikeLivigno team since 2017. During the rest of the year I'm a gymnastic school teacher"



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About us

Bike Livigno organizes all kind of mountain bike tours in the amazing area of Livigno, Alta Rezia and Engadina.

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