Road bike tours on the most legendary climbs between Alta Valtellina and the Engadin Valley!

Engadin Valley Tour

Elevation: 1460 m (positive) - 1550 m (negative)

Distance: 108 km

Stelvio Pass with ascent from the Swiss side, via the Umbrail Pass

Elevation: 3190 m (positive) - 3100 m (negative)

Distance: 112 km

Stelvio Pass with ascent from Prato Stelvio

Elevation: 3640 m (positive) - 3550 m (negative)

Distance: 140 km

Mortirolo Pass + Gavia Pass

Elevation: 3250 m (positive) - 3250 m (negative)

Distance: 113 km

Fluela Pass + Albula Pass

Elevation: 3070 m (positive) - 3070 m (negative)

Distance: 117 km

Foscagno Pass - Forcola Pass Tour

Elevation: 2800 m (positive) - 2800 m (negative)

Distance: 125 km

The Cancano Lakes

Elevation: 2550 m (positive) - 2550 m (negative)

Distance: 83 km

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Our "ROAD BIKE" tours are accompanied by a qualified guide with the support of a van or taxi that will offer mechanical and technical assistance, such as carrying rucksacks with spare clothing, food, water bottles, etc., as well as the possibility of transporting cyclists in the group who find themselves in difficulty along the day's route.



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Bike Livigno organizes all kind of mountain bike tours in the amazing area of Livigno, Alta Rezia and Engadina.

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