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Finally Spring-time is here (even if today, looking out of the window, it doesn’t look like it!), and we can’t wait to take you with us on new bike-experiences!

So we updated our website with some new pics and interesting contents.

BIG NEWS for 2021!

First of all, a new “Special Tour”, the Val Pusciav Shuttle Day (HERE the link), an amazing riding day that we can’t wait to share with you!


Another big news, on great demand, The Mountain Hut Experience (click HERE), 3 multi-day tours offer with overnights stay in mountain huts, a unique experience to best enjoy our mountains!


And soon some big news about our TEAM for the next Summer season, STAY TUNED!


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Bike Livigno organizes all kind of mountain bike tours in the amazing area of Livigno, Alta Rezia and Engadina.

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